Helsingborg: Barfota

Barfota Beach, Helsingborg


Last weekend, I went to see my friend Rikke in Helsingborg (in Sweden). She has just bought a giant house together with her boyfriend Magnus, so they were really busy painting and fixing all the stuff you need to fix before moving in. I would have loved to say that I helped, but most of the time, I was eating Cheez Doodles and getting in their way. Continue reading

Cuba: The one about Havana

The Malecón promenade in Havana

The Malecón promenade in Havana

I’m not always the fastest, when it comes to transforming my trips into blog posts, but this post about Cuba must be an all-time slow. Are you ready?

Back in 2006 (!) I went on a short trip to Cuba. It was one of those spontaneous trips with no plans and no guidebooks, and it’s probably one of the most chaotic trips I’ve ever been on. So if you’re thinking about visiting Cuba, consider a more structured approach than mine. Continue reading

Denmark: Filur – what happened to your face?

Filur, Danish popsicle

Filur, what happened to your face?!? 4/10

My sister doesn’t eat a lot of sweets, but she loves the Danish popsicle Filur, which is a good old Danish popsicle classic. All the wonderful childhood memories associated with Filur more than compensates for what it lacks in terms of flavor (it tastes like watered-out  orange juice) and reasonable pricing (I think they’ve tripled the price for a Filur, since I was a child). Continue reading

Dubai: Lunch at Omnia Blue

Omnia Blue, Jumeirah Fishing Harbour, Dubai

Omnia Blue

Once a week we have a lady, who comes and cleans our flat in Dubai. Poul and I don’t like to be at home, when she’s there, because we don’t want her to feel that we’re watching her every move, so we usually drive off for lunch and grocery shopping. Continue reading

Amsterdam: A canal boat tour through the city

Canal tour in Amsterdam

Canal tour in Amsterdam

After our late breakfast at Vinnies, we decided to go on a canal boat tour. Poul and I sometimes have very different ideas regarding what’s good sightseeing. While skyline watching from a rooftop bar is my thing, Poul is more of a hop-on-hop-off-bus-kind-of-guy, but it was very hot that day in Amsterdam, so we could both agree that seeing the city from comfortable seats on a boat seemed like a good idea. Continue reading

Amsterdam: Late breakfast at Vinnies

Vinnies Amsterdam

Avocado and cottage cheese sandwich at Vinnies.

Everything worked out, so I’m in Amsterdam with Poul now. Yesterday, we took the airport train to the central station. It was only a 20-minutes ride, and I think we paid around 10EUR for both of us in total. If you go, remember to keep your ticket as you’ll need it to check in and later check out at the station. Continue reading

Los Angeles: E.P. & L.P.

EP & LP, restaurant and rooftop bar in Los Angeles

E.P. & L.P.

I stopped by E.P. & L.P. on a late Thursday evening last summer.  I didn’t have a reservation, so when I saw the crowd of people waiting outside, I almost turned around and walked away. It looked more like a posh night club than a restaurant, and I was quite sure that me and my no-makeup face and flat shoes weren’t on the list. Continue reading

Oslo: Fuglen, Aker River and beyond

Oslo, Edderkoppen


Sunday, we had a couple of hours with nice weather, so AC and I went for a walk along Akerselva (Aker River) before stopping by Fuglen for lattes and raisin scones. The latte didn’t taste of much, and a coffee drinker like Poul would probably have found the brew a bit too light-weight, but for someone like me, who doesn’t really like the concentrated taste of coffee, it was fine. Continue reading